Swipe for Your Life

My eyes are looking down
Mesmerized by light and sound

Subliminal messaging should have you questioning
All the wasted time texting when
You should be stepping in
To the call of a higher beckoning
It’s not the house, the car, that new ringtone
That will keep you as you sleep through cold nights alone
Behavior modified and manufactured like an Amazon drone
Winning the race to keep pace with the corporate metronome
Trending fads and new price tags
Place worthless shit into that Gucci bag
Create a dinner party and invite your fake friends and brag
The condition you sit in is deplorable and sad
I stepped away on the day I witnessed people
Place more value on the material, shit’s pure evil!
A renaissance is needed for my congregation’s upheaval
It rests in a collective chest of the less vain and deceitful

These vibrations got me shook
So I look into my digital black book

OMG more messages!
Can it be they’re all for me?
My self-worth is tied directly
To a digital fantasy
I can’t complain, I won’t abstain
I feel like a celebrity
I’m plugged into everything
Battery don’t die on me

Please battery don’t die on me
Oh God please battery don’t die on me



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