It’s OK…I Have Sauce (October 25, 2015)

What’s up girl
Whom rocked my world
You came in
Sure enough chagrined
Displeased at the fleas
And possibility of these
Attempts to glimpse
Into this ludicrous deal
That is Netflix and chill

Baby this is my true spill…

Come over and chill
I’ll put on Kill Bill
Volume One or Two will do
But I digress if you
Will slow to take this time to

Unwind with me
Fine dine with me
Drink wine with me

I’ll make you your favorite meal
I already fired up the grill
It’s hot to touch
I’m afraid it’s too much

I burnt the chicken

I stared because you were beaming
Like a unicorn gleaming
Conversationally pleasing
Sharing intimacies of life’s dealings…

Time slowed and stopped
A dangerous game cropped up shop
It all opened up and blossomed
She still thinks my chicken is awesome



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