Get Up (September 7, 2010)

A revolution is needed.
To weed out the unjust, corrupt, and conceited.
Good people have been mislead and mistreated.
To work so hard and feel so depleted.
Time to cry out and shout.
NO. This is not what our lives should be about.
They fill our heads with doubt.
That the righteous could ever surmount.
Great challenges holding us back. Holding us down.
They need your obedience to uphold the oligarchic crown.
Understand the power of voice and sound.
It’s how you get shit done in any town.
Keep eating what they feed you.
You’re being fattened up until they bleed you.
Time for a collective voice.
Shouting for reason and exposing the illusion of choice.
Set aside your difference and hoist.
Up the human spirit. Embrace and rejoice.


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