Slow Down and Be Sad (November 8, 2010)

Shit and people.
Things don’t change.
Both are one and the same.
Which one to purchase?
Which one to break?
Imitate. Fake.
He was visited.
Asked yet AGAIN to slow down.
He wears a crown of frowns.
Drown your sorrows and despair.
Let’s toast the moonlit sky!
Take him there to die?
Who provides the smile?
Faith. Purpose. Hugs.
It’s an empty mug.
Fill it with what you wish.
Eventually it will be empty.
Show it for all to see.
He hates living with the living.
The record repeats in his head.
Why can’t we put it to bed?
An asshole returns.
To eradicate all sanity. He’s truly mad.
Reminding everyone to be sad.
He drinks it up.
And finds a use for it.
Organizing his world of shit
Into one box. It all fits.
He thinks it should burn.
The ashes wait their turn.


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