Capitalist Waves (November 8, 2011)

It’s business
We’re here to make a profit
We have our globalization
You can’t stop it
Small town America
Another factory closes
Big city America
A sea divided like Moses
Optimization of the workforce
Other countries are more attractive
Bunch of fucking gluttonous pigs
Immoral money-worshiping bastards
Where will you cash your checks?
When the people stop buying
Riot mobs forming on your lawns
With armaments quite petrifying
LOOK at their tattered faces
These hard working souls
They come to teach you humility
By throwing YOU out in the cold
You claim it’s not your job
To help keep jobs in our country
That this is Uncle Sam’s doing
Sure. Like you were following blindly
Follow and worship the dollar
Invest in the yen
A rupee for the working man
Starved like Gandhi; emaciated until the end


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