How She Ames (May 4, 2013)

I wrote you a letter
To make me feel better
About the love we lost
My anger and hatred
A sorrow of ill-fated
We cannot afford its cost
Bright and lively ways
Yet dark on the brightest days
I see you and want to speak
Will we know again
How to be more than friends
Thoughts of you make knees weak
I pushed you away
Because happiness is not meant to stay
A fire burns white hot
Do you know what you want?
Does it change from month to month?
Cease, halt, STOP
To learn from the past
Life moves much too fast
Help me slow it down
Flying through my head
Thoughts of you and me in bed
Your smile removes my frown
I want to meet you again
In a place we have never been
Do not give up on me
How fucked up our lives are
With distance not too far
I bury you to set love free


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