Dance With Me (June 21, 2013)

She sings in harmony to me
The composition of sweet symphony
Headphones on. Playing a love song
Standing tall as the great Redwood tree

We dance in unifying embrace
Locked eyes. We’re face to face
A great moan. We are not alone
Hearts racing at a blurred pace

Pink lips taste of fresh cream
Seeing no end to this beautiful dream
Pay a toll to relinquish your soul
Whisper confessions and come clean

Time is absent meaning
Surrendering to an unknown feeling
Unfettered love. Broken-winged doves
Exorcism eyes roll back to the ceiling

Is this moment real?
Are our hearts each others to steal?
Light-headed as we are bedded
Savoring her as if she was my last meal

We lie beside each other. Spent
Contemplating what it all meant
To be together and storm any weather
I left because my mind was bent


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