First Breaths (September 7, 2014)

I never knew I could love someone so much
Until we held hands and I felt your delicate touch
You entered this world crying, kicking, and screaming
I cried with you. You sent my heart beaming

I shouted with great pride ” I am your daddy!”
I smiled at you and gazed into your eyes madly
So beautiful and precious, an angel in disguise
Life started making sense and I started to realize

You are my happy thoughts, my spiritual guide
You lift me up high when this world makes me cry
Let all living creatures know you are my joy
I am your daddy and you are my sweet boy

I made you a promise on the day you were born
That I would be there for you through turbulent storms
I will protect you from the evil in this world
My love for you is endless and unfurled

It is a learning process to be a good father to you
So far I’ve learned a lot, and changed a diaper or two
There is still a long way for both of us to go
Yet I am most excited to watch us both grow

You will teach me things I never knew before
Like how to appreciate what this life is for
I will teach you how to be a good man
How to use your integrity to make a stand

This world can be what you make of it my son
Do not let the bad times make you want to run


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