Winds and Tunes (Circa April 2010)

It brings us back!
Carried fragments of the wind
A sediment formation for your base
It can quickly leave
And return again..

It’s a Shadowww man!
Workin you in the sunshine
Only to be kind
And it stalks YOu
But that won’t do..
It’s my shadow friend


I Do It So I Don’t Have to Feel (March 29, 2010)

Gimme drugs
It’s what I’m dreaming of
Oh how addiction brings on impending doom
Sobriety is the culprit
Always trying to stalk me
I seek substance to give it fits
And hope to dull the emotional sea
I still wake the next day
To face the pain of living again
One day I hope to stay
In a place of wonderment and zen

Swipe for Your Life

My eyes are looking down
Mesmerized by light and sound

Subliminal messaging should have you questioning
All the wasted time texting when
You should be stepping in
To the call of a higher beckoning
It’s not the house, the car, that new ringtone
That will keep you as you sleep through cold nights alone
Behavior modified and manufactured like an Amazon drone
Winning the race to keep pace with the corporate metronome
Trending fads and new price tags
Place worthless shit into that Gucci bag
Create a dinner party and invite your fake friends and brag
The condition you sit in is deplorable and sad
I stepped away on the day I witnessed people
Place more value on the material, shit’s pure evil!
A renaissance is needed for my congregation’s upheaval
It rests in a collective chest of the less vain and deceitful

These vibrations got me shook
So I look into my digital black book

OMG more messages!
Can it be they’re all for me?
My self-worth is tied directly
To a digital fantasy
I can’t complain, I won’t abstain
I feel like a celebrity
I’m plugged into everything
Battery don’t die on me

Please battery don’t die on me
Oh God please battery don’t die on me


Billiards (Circa 2010)

Serve me bartender! Fetch me your finest brew.
Tis aiming fluid needed behind the pool cue.
Rack em’ or break em’, I could care less.
It’s a game of geometry, patience, concentration under duress.
I’m pressed to relieve my stress with this game.
Win or lose, remember my name.
I play to win.
In competition of men and women.
If you win, I make you my friend.
Even to visible chagrin.
Team play!
That’s a good lead.
You will NEVER cut that
Impossible…NO WAY!
A great shot, good game, have a nice day.



Beer is a Blessing (February 4, 2010)

My freedom from boredom
The cold and hops-filled libation flows into my gullet
Soaking into my stomach like a much needed ran in an arid wasteland
Counter-intuitive to my health, but I care not
We eventually expire like curdled, rotten milk
Mortality is a blessing, not a curse
Indulgence in what hurts us seems all too natural
Are you escaping reality and responsibility?
Recurring themes, destined to repeat
Passed on through genetic lineage
Will you break the cycle?
Oh good, the bartender notices I need another



The Wage (February 15, 2010)

A transaction between you and me.
For the greater good, AKA the company.
Do I seek out this routine?
Wake up. Move about. Shit, shower, and shave.
Clock in, lunchbox tin, make sure to behave.
A piece of my soul withers each day.
Conferred with the masses in line. Soup today I’m told.
Viewed provisions under glass casings, embedded with mold.
Not surprised the soup is cold.
Retreat to white walls and mindless chatter.
I earn a paycheck, nothing else matters.
My mind has scattered.

You call THIS a sandwich?! (February 16, 2010)

A two-tone colored salad precedes my disappointment.
Lacking the crispness and variety that I desire.
I consume the vegetable mishap to quell my hunger.
My stomach yet screams like a church choir.
I await the Philly steak.
Engaging in mindless dialogue with a former lover and her mother.
The mother accompanies the daughter in a car shopping endeavor.
Our waitress enters and I glance at rubberized disgrace.
Meager, unsatisfying, and draws great ire to my stomach.
Like a child that receives a Happy Meal without a toy.
Ill-prepared, greasy, unfit for human consumption.
Check please.